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1. Herbicide 720g/l 2,4-D dimethylamine salt
Offer type: Sell
720g/l 2,4-D dimethylamine saltChemical name: 2,4-D dimethylamine saltCAS: 2008-39-1Formula: C10H13Cl2NO3Structure: Application: It is used to control dicotyledonous weeds in the rice and wheat fields.... More

Posted by: Hebei Kaidi Agrochemical Enterprises Group [China] China

2. offer herbicide:2,4-D sodium salt 85% W.P.
Offer type: Sell
2,4-D sodium salt 85% W.P.Chemical name: SODIUM 2,4-DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE MONOHYDRATECAS: 2702-72-9Formula: C8H5Cl2O3Na,H2OStructure: Application:It is a selective hormone type Translocated phenoxy compound. It is used as a post ?? emergence herbicide t... More

Posted by: Hebei Kaidi Agrochemical Enterprises Group [China] China

3. Pheromone Traps
Offer type: Sell
We can offer you Pheromone Traps for wide range of insects pests. Our pheromone traps are highly effective to bring down the population level of menacing pests without serious threat to predators in eco-friendly way. We are deploying our traps in India an... More

Posted by: Daksh Industries [India] India

4. We need the buyers now
Offer type: Sell
Contact us now as follow Au God Dust ,Timbers,Crude Oil,Petrolum,Cotin etc.menssa.... More

Posted by: Messa Associate [Benin] Benin

5. Need your products offers.
Offer type: Buy
we are much intrested in your products sellect here and kind reach with all your products detail including spesification terms of payment etc.menssa.... More

Posted by: Messa Associate [Benin] Benin

6. Home supply
Offer type: Sell
We are a manufacturer and exporter of products which can kill pest such as mosquitoes,fles.If you want to know more ,please be free to contact us.Shanghai YilidaFax: Tel:. E-mail: ... More

Posted by: Shanghai yilida [China] China

7. A new system like Alibaba
Offer type: Sell
Dear Members, We are in process to launch a new website which will be open from 1st may 2005. On our website registartion for Buyers is absolutely free and for seller we are charging just 300 Rs. Per year. We request you to vi... More

Posted by: bansals etech [India] India

8. DB-X100 (Drain Line Product)
Offer type: Sell
Organic waste build-ups in drain pipes in homes, restaurants and other commercial facilities, eventually lead to the formation of a clog. To prevent this common problem from happening, use Bacteria Concepts' DB-X100 on a regular basis to keep drain lines ... More

Posted by: Bacteria Concepts Inc [United States of America] United States of America

9. Dimethoate 98%Tech&40%EC
Offer type: Sell
Our company is a basic producer and leading exporter of agrochemicals in China.Our main products are as follows:Dimethoate,Methomyl,DDVP,Carbofuran,Clofentezine;Propiconazole,Mancozeb,Carbendazim,Copper Hydroxide,Ziram,Dimethomorph;Alachlor,Butachlor,Acet... More

Posted by: Agro-care Chemical Industry Group Limited [China] China

10. We are chemicals supplier
Offer type: Sell
We are in good position to supply many sorts of chemicals from China.... More

Posted by: Sinochem hebei i/e corp [China] China

11. Nicotine Sulfate 40 %
Offer type: Sell
NICOTINE SULPHATE 40 %THE PRODUCT???NICOTINE SULPHATE?? is an insecticide of plant origin. It is very effective against a wide range of insect pests effecting the crops of economic importance as well as on Ectoparasites effecting live stock, CHEMICAL COM... More

Posted by: Nico Orgo Manures [India] India

12. Niconeem- Neem based pesticide
Offer type: Sell
NICONEEMChemical Composition???NICO NEEM?? is an oil-based emulsified concentrate formulation(100% EC) consisting of Neem oil obtained from Azadirachta Indica seeds, karanj oil obtained from Pongamia Glabra seeds and surfactant/emulsifier.The insecticida... More

Posted by: Nico Orgo Manures [India] India

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