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Microsilica /Silica Fume

Existing form: Amorphism thin powder
Typical color: Brown (white in nature, the color is become darker with the density accretion)
B.E.T Fineness: 15-27m2/g
Density: 600-700kg/m3
Pozzolanic activity index: 85% of 28days ; 105% of 7days
Water requirement ratio: less than 125%
Ratained on 45 micron sieve: less than 8%
Moisture: less than 3%
Loss on Ignition: less than 3%
Category: Building & Construction / Construction Placement Date: Apr 17, 2014 GMT
Company name: Gansu Linxinyuan Microsilica Co.,Ltd Company type: Exporter, Service, Other
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