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stone ball, marble ball, granite ball

China Laizhou Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. is a big supplier of landscape products in China. Base on our local abundance stone quarries, we produce wide range of garden products. include: pebble stone, cobble stone, crushed stone, stone carving, stone fountain, stone table, stone bench, stone troughs, stone planters, stone palisades, stone lanters, millstone, stone balls, culture stone, mushroom stone, wall stone, landscaping stone.
You can visit our website for more information, please donít hesitate to contact us
Tel: 0086-535-2181808, Fax: 0086-535-2269687, Contact: Zhou Xiaoping
Website: E-mail:
Address: No.162 Wenchang South Road, Laizhou city, Shandong province, China.
Zip: 261400
Category: Arts & Furniture / Design Placement Date: May 01, 2010 GMT
Company name: China Borrello Stone Company Company type: Exporter, Importer, Service, Other
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] red gravel, pink gravel, chocolate gravel, grey gravel,green gravel
  2. [Sell] black gravel, black chippings, black sand
  3. [Sell] yellow gravel, yellow chippings, yellow sand
  4. [Sell] pure white gravel, pure white chippings, pure white sand
  5. [Sell] tumbled stone, rounded stone, river pebble
  6. [Sell] sphere fountain, floating ball fountain, garden fountains
  7. [Sell] stone ball, marble ball, granite ball
  8. [Sell] stone table, stone bench
  9. [Sell] stone troughs, stone planter, stone palisades, stone lanterns
  10. [Sell] stone carving, stone sculpture, stone relief
  11. [Sell] garden stone , landscaping stone, natural stone
  12. [Sell] gravel, chippings, crushed stone, scree, carpolite, stone powder, sand
  13. [Sell] aggregates, stone aggregates, granite aggregates, marble aggregates
  14. [Sell] pure white Pebble,snow white Pebble, white cobble
  15. [Sell] black pebble, black cobble
  16. [Sell] red pebble, green pebble, yellow pebble, pink pebble, chocolate pebble
  17. [Sell] pebble, cobble, pebble stone, cobble stone, pebble tiles, pebble paver

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