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Dried fruits from turkey

Attention: General Manager or Import Department,
Our firm has been carrying on business about the exportation of the dried fruit and vegetables for years. Especially , dried apricot , dried figs and raisin are the products that we produce and export.
Our dried apricot factory is in Malatya where the best quality of dried apricot all around the world is gathered. Our firm which has the capacity of 6.000 tons per year, with our expert staff; prepares the product how it is offered and product is delivered in the shortest period.
All the apricots are gathered from the Malatya area, after the necessary process are done they are stored in our warehouses.
The sulphur rate in our products are changed between 1800-3000 ppm.
The humidty rate is maximum 22/24 %.
The pack up is standardly done with the 12.5,10 and 5 kilos boxes.
If it is offered , it is possible to pack up with the 250 ,500 gr or 1 kg kilos in the foam tray packing. We have the neccesary equipment about the pack
Category: Agriculture & Farm / Vegetables Placement Date: Jan 27, 2007 GMT
Company name: Free food export company Company type: Exporter, Importer, Service
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