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SS camlock couplings part b

Camlock coupling (cam and groove quick coupling)
Acoples rapidos kamlock (RACORES CAMLOCK, de levas, acoples rapidos a palanca)
Fabricados de acuerdo a la Especificacion MIL-C-27487 o DIN2828.
Materiales: Aluminio, Bronce, Acero Inox., Polipropileno
Camlock coupling (cam and groove coupling)
Standard: MIL-C-27487 / DIN2828
Material: Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel, and polypropylene
Engates rapidos de alavancas
Em bronze, aluminio, aco inoxidavel e ferro nodular.
We mainly supply camlock couplings (cam & groove quick couplings), guillemin coupling, TW coupling, Bauer type coupling, chicago coupling, Ground joint coupling, sandblast coupling, King combination nipple, DIN2817 safety clamp, T-bolt superior clamp, double bolt clamp, whipcheck safety cable, washdown gun, etc.
Category: General & Leisure Goods / Other Placement Date: Sep 28, 2009 GMT
Company name: Fuzhou Hengsheng Hardware Co.,Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Other
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