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Fluorescent Lamp,Fluorescent Light,Lighting,

Compared with normal T8 inductive fluorescent lamps Luming's products reach over 60% in energy-saving and are 25% brighter. Through continuous explorations, rigorous researching and continues development the company is able to boast a broad range of high end products and holds a firm position in the lighting market.
Category: Electronics & Electricals / Other Placement Date: Oct 05, 2011 GMT
Company name: ningbobetterenergy@gmail.com Company type: Importer, Manufacturer, Service
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] T5 light fixture- High Quality High energy-save ,competitives price
  2. [Sell] T8 To T5 Adaptor-- High Quality High energy-save ,competitives price
  3. [Sell] t5 energysaving- High Quality High energy-save ,competitives price
  4. [Sell] Fluorescent Lamp,Fluorescent Light,Lighting,
  5. [Sell] Energy save light-T8 to T5 Adaptor-CE.SAA high quality,high energy-save light
  6. [Sell] T8 To T5 Conversion Kit -CE.SAA high quality,high energy-save lighting
  7. [Sell] Energy save light-T5 converter-CE.SAA high quality,high energy-save light
  8. [Sell] lighting conservationg-CE.SAA high quality,high energy-save light
  9. [Sell] T8 to T5 Retrofit- High Quality High energy-save ,competitives price
  10. [Sell] lighting fixture-CE.SAA high quality,high energy-save lighting

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