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3.6v ER14335 ER14335 ER14335M

TL-2155 TL-5955 TL-4955 XL-055F ER14335 ER14335H ER14335M size 2/3AA
ER14335 Forte3.6v size 2/3AA 1.65Ah lithium thionyl chloride battery or cells produced by WUHAN FORTE BATTERY CO.,LTD ER14335 ER14335(H,M) bobbin type or spirally wound type with long operating life low self-discharge rate different pins terminals(pins,axial leads,tags,connectors,standard type,flying leads ,etc.) Forte ER14335 can replace tadiran TL-2155 TL-5955 TL-4955 xeno XL-055F which has a very stable voltage plateau with hig pulse current ER14335 ER14335H ER14335M ER14335H ER14335 ER14335 LITHIUM BATTERY or cells can best meet your requirements our website:www.whforte.com
email: yoyolau1986@gmail.com
Category: Electronics & Electricals / Other Placement Date: Jun 02, 2010 GMT
Company name: WUHAN FORTE BATTERY CO.,LTD Company type: Exporter, Manufacturer
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