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Diesel Fuel Injection, Fuel Injection Pumps, Diesel Pump

We are the OEM of diesel fuel injection pump and part since 1982. Our products
include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE-pump head & rotor, cam disk, control shaft, feed pump, magnet valve, regulating valve and so on parts.
Our products can be used as replacement of BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, DELPHI,
STANADYNE, YANMAR, Delphi-Lucas-CAV, AMBAC INTERNATIONAL. We also provide aftermarket service for Cummins, Caterpillar and IVECO.
Kindly find the follow prices of VE rotor& head and parts for your reference:
Nozzle :
P type:USD 4.00/pc;S type:USD 3.00/pc;SN type:USD 3.50/pc;
PD type:USD 3.00/pc;PN type:USD 2.50/pc;SD type 1.50/pc etc.
Plunger & Barrel:
A type: USD 2.50/pc; AD type:USD 3.00/pc; P type:USD 4.00/pc;M type:USD12.00/pc;
PN type:USD 9.30/pc etc. MW type:USD 12.00/pc(Thick);USD 14.50/pc(Thin).
PS7100:USD10.50/pc;PS8500:USD38.50/pc;EP9 USD 10.50/pc
Delivery Valve:
A type: USD 1.50/pc; P type:USD 1.90/pc;MW type: USD 2.00/pc etc.
Head &Rotor:
Head &Rotor for VE pump: USD19.80- 30.00/pc
DPA Head & Rotor: USD 30.00/pc;DPC Head & Rotor: USD 35.00/pc
Caterpillar Pencil Nozzle & Plunger:
27333, 27336, 8N7005, 7W7032, 4W7022, 1W6541, 8N3539, 7W0182, 6N7527, 26632,
26964, TN0449, 1W5829, 9L6969, 9N2366, 33408, 29279, 28485, 32262, 20494, 28481,4W7017, 4W7018 etc. USD11.80-40.00/pc.
CUMMINS INJECTOR ASSY:3071497 USD280.00 3047973 USD77.50/PC 3016675 USD87.10/PC
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.
Thanks for your time & best regards!
Category: Transport / Autos Placement Date: Jun 15, 2019 GMT
Company name: Chinahanji Power Co.Ltd Company type: Exporter, Service
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