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Sell all kinds LCD Monitors

We can provide you:
1. Various kinds of LCD Monitors model:
We teams up with different factories to insure our client can find more than 3 models to chose, that allows you to meet with your potential market in different country.
2. Wild range of price list:
Due to the different cost of our models, our client can chose any kind of models, which is the most applicable for their target price and sell them well based on the different cost-consideration.
To show our sincerity, please see the range of our price for LCD Monitors:
Regarding 15 LCD Monitors: range A: USD 195-205 per set, range B: USD 205-225 per set.
Regarding 17 LCD Monitors: range: A: USD 238-250 per set, range B: USD 250-268 per set.
Please write back to us whether you need more details. We dare to ask your email address, so that we can send the Spec and photos of our items, also the price list and other information.
Looking forward to your early reply.
Category: Computers & Hardware / Monitors Placement Date: Jun 11, 2005 GMT
Company name: Tcy commerce Company type:
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State: (Premium Membership required) Country: Taiwan Sell all kinds LCD Monitors
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