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China Balin Parts Plant have the biggest factory of automotive production in Putian,Fujian province, China. We are specialized in fuel injection parts including plunger, nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor, control valve and so on. We are founded in 2002; we always keep our steps with the international standard and techniques and absorb the advanced producing system. And our factory has established an integrated quality control system, and passed TS16949 Certificate.
Why Choose Us?
1. Superior quality products
2.Capacious warehousing
3.Highly competitive prices: factory price
4.Excellent after-sale service system
5. Huge stock support
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SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550
FAX: 86-594-2660550
CELL: +8613799690614
Company name: China-Balin Parts Plant Company type: Exporter
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] ZEXEL injector ELEMENT 131153-4520, A724
  2. [Sell] Hot sale plunger 131153-6220, A741 for ZEXEL
  3. [Sell] A type plunger 131151-3220, A44 for ZEXEL
  4. [Sell] MW type plunger 1 418 415 043, 1 418 415 051 for BOSCH
  5. [Sell] MW type injector plungers 1 418 415 081, 1 418 415 082
  6. [Sell] plunger barrels 090150-5701 090150-5732 for DENSO
  7. [Sell] DENSO plunger 090150-3253 090150-5683
  8. [Sell] injector nozzle DLLA152P568(865) for common rail
  9. [Sell] P type engine nozzle DLLA158P438(834)
  10. [Sell] common rail nozzle DLLA158P854 DLLA145P864 P type
  11. [Sell] injector nozzles DLLB150X4 DLLB155X1 brand new
  12. [Sell] Hot sale injector nozzles L203PBA L204PBA
  13. [Sell] Yanmar head rotor HX.4, HX.5
  14. [Sell] DENSO head rotor 096400-1240 096400-1250 for TOYOTA
  15. [Sell] DELPHI type head rotor 7183-165L, 7183-156L
  16. [Sell] head and rotor 7180-977S for DELPHI
  17. [Sell] DELPHI head rotor 7123-340T, 7123-340U
  18. [Sell] DENSO head rotor 096400-1600 096400-1700
  19. [Sell] VRZ head and rotor 9443612846, 149701-0520
  20. [Sell] DENSO head rotor 096400-0371 096400-1210 hot sale

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