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Thank you for your attention to SACER, Semiconductor & Automotive Component for Electronic Rebuilders. SACER is the bridge to all components needed in the production of rebuilding electronic car parts.
We have two different business ranges: automotive semiconductors and custom-made automotive parts.
For the semiconductors and passive components, SACER is a real stock-holding broker, specializing in the automotive branch. We are situated in Shenzhen(china), and as we are specialized in automotive semiconductors, we can Test and check our parts on function and genuineness, and offer a warranty of 30 days after receiving.
For custom-made automotive parts, SACER is connected to high-level technology companies in Europe for design, testing, and quality control, and with the added benefit of low Chinese labor costs, we can offer high-tech parts at low prices.
Our range covers most of the parts needed for repairing an instrument cluster, ECU, or electronic throttle body, and we have an own line with quality airflowmeters and contact less Throttle position (TPS) sensors.
Furthermore, SACER could develop and produce personal custom-made automotive parts for you.
Company name: Sacer Ltd Company type: Importer, Manufacturer, Service, Other
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Diesel ECU Delphi Delco 1.7D-T(SA1120)
  2. [Sell] LCD GLASS FOR Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW(SA1003)
  3. [Sell] Glass sensors for A-class VDO unit(SA1020)
  4. [Sell] LCD GLASS for Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW(SA1003)
  5. [Sell] ACC GLASS Saab 9-3(SA1002)
  6. [Sell] LCD GLASS FOR Mercedes LCD display(SA1012)
  7. [Sell] Nana test clips for Micro Test(SA856)
  8. [Sell] TPS SENSOR(SA300)
  9. [Sell] Auto ECU Sensor Signal(SA1403)
  10. [Sell] VAG group Throttle body motor---Idle speed control(SA1044)
  11. [Sell] Processor: Motorola MC68HC908AZ60CFU 2J74Y(SA1500)
  12. [Sell] LCD GLASS BMW LCD display(SA1008)
  13. [Sell] Aluminium Cap for ABS ECU(SA6001)
  14. [Sell] Automechanika Frankfurt 2010
  15. [Sell] PLASTIC CAP (SA1040)
  16. [Sell] THROTTLE BODY CAP(SA6006)
  17. [Sell] ECU CAP(SA6008)
  18. [Sell] Aluminium Cap for ABS ECU(SA6005)
  19. [Sell] IGNITION BOARD(SA1090)
  20. [Sell] ECU CAP(SA6009)

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